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We are a traditional family of five with lots of extended family that love the magic, tradition and love that brings everyone together around Christmas. Santa Sacks Canada began in Summer 2015 when we were discussing and planning for our upcoming Christmas adventure. We felt every year there was so much time spent wrapping and preparing the presents our time together at this important family time was becoming less and less. Although we didn't want to take away the magic and mystery of the gifts under the tree and the traditional look of Christmas, we were desparate for a more GREEN and reusable menthod to our madness.

Alas, the Santa Sack!

We loved the idea that these could be used year after year, that the kept with past traditions as well as created new traditions for our family. And the customization, a very special way to add that personalized touch to a gift. With the people in our lives celebrating their own individual unique traditions we could still see a common theme and we thought not only do we want these under our tree year after year, we want all our family and friends to have them too!


~ Place the sack under the tree on Christmas Eve and Santa places his gifts in them ~
~ Have Santa deliver with gifts on Christmas morning with a note to use year after year ~
~ Have them delivered with your Elf on a Shelf to be left out for Santa to fill if still on the "Good List" ~
~ Use them as gift bags to be reused year after year ~
~ Place them under the tree and have your children put old toys that they wish to pass on in the sack on Christmas eve, santa will donate the toys and replace with new ~
~ Decor statement piece ~


  • "My little ones love it, I love the no clean up of paper flying everywhere! - The environmentally friendly component feels great as well. The bags are a good quality and will last many Christmas's to c..."


  • "I love my Santa Sacks, the kids like the different looks of the bags under the tree, not only look great but also very functional..."


  • "What a great product! I'm not very good at wrapping presents and this is not only a much more fun alternative but extremely convenient. My Kids love looking at the sacks and knowing exactly who's gift..."


  • "The Santa sacs are amazing. Just received my Santa sacs. Was pleasantly surprised at the speed my order was done from ordering to delivery. Very excited for Christmas......"


  • "I ordered the burlap Santa Sack for my Grandson and he absolutely loved it. Next year he will leave his old toys for Santa to take back to the North Pole and fix up for other boys and girls and of cou..."

    Melanie Moore

  • ""Omg got our sacks today. They are beautiful!!"..."


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